Monday, April 8, 2013

The Tao of Jim

Jim had lots of sayings, or as I would refer to it, The Tao of Jim. I have found several on his computer and phone and intend to share them here along with other recollections.

During grad school I was whining about the work load. Teaching, working in the studio, the commute- it all came to about 70-80 hours a week. After venting one evening, Jim said,

"If you have time to complain, that means you aren't working hard enough."

Ugh! He was right. Again.
--wife, Dee

Monday, March 11, 2013

Jammin' for Jim Event

Many thanks to all of those who attended the Jammin’ for Jim musical memorial on Sunday March 10, 2013 at Ziggy’s. The turnout was way beyond my expectations. Originally planned from 2:30pm to 6pm, it didn't wrap up until around 7pm. I am grateful to the folks at Ziggy’s who had no idea so many people would show up and really had to hustle to keep up with the orders. I am most grateful to Hash Brown, Bob Fisk, and John Griffin for organizing the event. Without them, the day of tribute wouln't have happened. People had a good time playing, listening to music, and swapping stories. It was much better than a sad funeral focusing on loss, I thought. I especially liked seeing people dance! Hearing how Jim touched people’s lives was just wonderful. A special thank you to all of those who contributed to the tip jar. The funds will be used to pay for Big Jim’s funeral costs. The following was a short piece I read to the audience before the music began.

     I would like to thank those who made donations to Jim’s liver fund. Even though he did not receive a new organ, the funds given were used towards his nursing. He was told of your thoughtful gifts and was very pleased to be remembered. I would like to thank all of those that gave towards the fund in lieu of flowers. Your gifts were very helpful in offsetting his funeral costs. Again, thank you.
     Jim considered himself an odd duck and often referred to himself that way. His interests were varied; reading, writing, photography, painting, close-up magic, golf (though he was terrible at it) and of course, music. He grew up poor in Ithaca NY and  would often get himself into trouble. He dropped out of high school and joined the Army during the Vietnam war. He got it together though, and worked his way through college at Empire State, then later earned an MBA from Cornell. His career centered around helping organizations in the health care industry save money and run more efficiently. Many people benefited from his efforts.
      But that was his day job. His real love was for music. He loved to play guitar and sing. He would tell me about his gigs “ I would do it for free, but don’t tell them that.”  He loved the blues community and tried to support it by donating his time to KNON, playing benefits and mentoring musicians. He tried to help others who were having a hard time and wouldn’t write anyone off, because he remembered a time in his life when he had made some poor life choices, and recalled those who hadn’t given up on him. He believed that given the chance, people could turn their lives around, because he had.
     He was my husband, my best friend, and my mentor. When you live with someone who is ill for a very long time, their illness becomes your new normal. It is all too easy to forget how the person was before they became so tired. By coming here today to celebrate his life, singing and sharing stories, all of you help me and each other remember Big Jim’s vibrant personality.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jammin' for Jim- A Blues Jam Honoring Big Jim Wells

Jim was a vibrant person who greatly loved music and laughter. So instead of a somber formal service, we will be holding a blues jam in his honor this Sunday March 10 from 2:30pm-6pm at Ziggy’s in Richardson TX. Join us in celebrating Big Jim’s life with friendship and song. Please bring a favorite story to share!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Jim Passed on March 4 at 4:32am

Due to complications associated with his liver disease, Jim has moved on from this existence. In lieu of flowers, donations are being taken for funeral services. Thank you for all the good wishes. He was a great guy and will be sorely missed by many.

A night of musical tribute is the works. We will give details as soon as they are confirm. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Please Help Big Jim Wells

In January 2011, Big Jim Wells was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease and began living the blues. After a year, he has finally been placed on the official transplant list. Now his family struggles to maintain his declining health as he awaits a donor. The drawn out process has been draining, both emotionally and financially.

Big Jim has always been a big supporter of the Blues community and now could really use your support! Please use the pay pal "Donate" button to the right to help Jim's family provide medicine, testing, home nursing, and ultimately surgery for him.

We appreciate your help and good wishes!!